We run dynamic Judaism school workshops that meet RE national curriculum requirements for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and sixth form.

Our multi-disciplinary approach uses special foods, singing, storytelling, arts & crafts, symbols, objects and discussion to boost your pupils’ understanding, knowledge and learning in an enjoyable way.

The first and the best, our Judaism school workshops include:

Shabbat and Jewish Festivals workshops

Shabbat workshop Traditional Friday night meal, special foods, home practice, singing, dancing
Hanukah workshop History, miracles, special foods, singing, making a hanukiah
Pesach (Passover) workshop Freedom, slavery, special foods and symbols, traditional seder, history
New Year and Yom Kippur workshop Jewish calendar, looking at our behaviour, PSED, Torah, special foods and symbols, singing
Succot and Shavuot workshop Harvest, homelessness, Torah and Ten Commandments, special foods, singing, building a succah

Jewish Life Cycle workshops

Jewish Life Cycle workshop  – Birth and death, Bar/BatMizvah, marriage

Jewish Ethics and Jewish Laws workshops

The Ten Commandments and the other 603 workshop
Workshop exploring how ancient laws shape and govern Jewish life today
Social Justice, human rights, right and wrong workshop
Life’s Big Questions including abortion, euthanasia, transplants and cloning
Food laws and the Kosher kitchen workshop
Examining the laws through sources and how they translate to the 21st century using exercises
Philosophy including metaphysics and ontology in teaching Judaism workshop
Using original sources and texts exploring experiences that we share and what makes us different

Synagogue and Belief workshops

God, belief, synagogue and prayer workshop
The Torah, beliefs, Creation, texts, rituals, covenants, mitzvah, Jewish identity, interfaith and diversity
Jewish Daily Life workshop Daily practice. What is kosher? What is a mitzvah? The Jewish home

Jewish History workshops

The Holocaust workshop
History, racism, genocide, power and propaganda, displacement and refugees. Including a modified programme for younger pupils.
Israel workshop
History, current situation, challenges

We always tailor our sessions to your specific syllabus and to the ages and abilities of your pupils.

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