Book a tour with us in Jewish London and put Judaism into a real and living context. Your pupils will experience the Jewish way of life up close, including a meal at a Jewish restaurant.

Our tours typically include:

Synagogue visit

Synagogues are famously the hub of Jewish communal life, and here you’ll see the architecture and layout of the synagogue, part of a service, the Torah scrolls, offices, communal facilities and activities such as nurseries and study sessions.

Guided walk

We’ll walk around Jewish areas, visiting Jewish shops and getting a glimpse of Jewish daily working life whilst learning about the history of Jews in Britain.

Kosher lunch

We’ll eat lunch at a kosher restaurant experiencing Jewish food laws in practice.


For older students, we can help you develop curriculum themes by arranging speakers such as Holocaust survivors, Haredi (ultra orthodox) and liberal Jews and Israelis.


We can meet you either at a London train station or at a designated point to begin the tour.

You can find the price of our London Walking Tours here.

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